At Family Karate Centres we offer other styles of Martial Arts. 


Jui jitsu

 Jiu Jitsu program is for every member of the family at Bowen Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  You will find classes for self defense and sports based training for anyone to reach their fitness or competitive goals.  

Bowen Brazilian Jui jitus offers class at Family Karate weeknights and weekends. For more information click the photo to the left or call them directly 519.701.7277

Adult Fit Kick and Kids Kickboxing coming in January 2020

World champion Brad Fowler will be offering an early morning adult interval kickboxing class and a “new to London” kids kickboxing non-contact program focusing on fitness, building confidence and self defense.


Ladies “FAST” self defence, and Kids “FAST CATS” self defence

New for January 2020

FAST Defense is the only Personal Protection Training in the world that…

Addresses the real-time physiological FIGHT response to a real-time threat.

Does not require weeks, months, or years of training to be able to respond to a threat.

Has long-term retention with immediate recall when threatened, up to 10 years after the training.


MDS Self Defense System

Coming in January 2020 Family Karate and Brad Fowler will be offering an elite adult self defense program designed specifically for violent encounters.

Brad Fowler is the Ontario’s only certified MDS instructor!

Check out the website for more details!



Adam Bennett has been studying martial arts for more than 20 years, including Yoshinkan Aikido. Adam served in the Canadian Armed Forces Navy, where he instructed close quarters combat. Adam uses his background, experience and love of martial arts to blend Aikido into modern and practical application.

Self Defense

Chris McKaskell will be offering a Self Defense class at our Wharncliffe location. Class will be Sundays from 9am - 12pm. This class is open to ages 16 and up!