I have worked with Family Karate in my role as a Block Parent Co-ordinator for five years and also as both a parent and students for over 10 years. I have the utmost respect for John Marshall and all of the staff. The program used by Family Karate has a very strong anti-bullying component and teaches confidence and respect.

Karen Bowman, Block Parent Association - School Coordinator 



Eliza started coming to Family Karate when she was four years old. It was evident from our first visit that Family Karate believd that karate far more than simply using martial arts for self-defense. In fact, it was the last thing that should be used if you are in a potentially dangerous situation. The teaching of conflict resolution skills and respect of others are just as important and Family Karate teaches these skills during each class through the examples set by the instructors. 

Eliza (8) and Leonie (4) have developed greater confidence, leadership skills, teamwork and physical endurance, in addition to these other skills. Although we have not participated much in the other activities offered by Family karate, we appreciate that these opportunities to participate in the greater Family Karate community are available.

When you enter Family Karate, you feel welcomed by the staff and, more importantly, by the other parents there because they also believe in Family Karate. Watching the children working really hard on the dojo learning their katas and self defenses, yet enjoying the experience, provides no greater testimonial as to why Family Karate is the best karate club in London, if not in Ontario, in my opinion.

Kevin, Proud Karate Parent




Watching Tristan receive his black belt and looking back on the years, I would like to take this chance to express my deepest admiration to Family Karate. When he joined four years ago, it was because he a was a very shy, withdrawn child, who had trouble making friends. For the first week of school, I had to literally carry him over my shoulder, kicking and screaming all the way to school. Within six months of Tristan attending Family Karate, he started having more confidence, his self esteem was growing daily, he was getting more comfortable with new situations, and he was actually beginning conversations with other children. Korben grew up in Family Karate, watching his brother from six months old, and has such a passion for karate and a love for everyone there. My youngest child, being overly hyper and expressive, has gained skills such as focus and respect. I get report cards from school saying “great social skills” and “deals well with new situations”, and “Korben has strong leadership skills” at age five. I attribute this to John Marshall and the many friends who are more like family now. Family Karate is not just a school where you can participate in an activity for the entire family; it is like being a part of another family, growing with and watching others mature into remarkable young adults. Renshi Marshall is a role model for so many, guiding and molding his young students, and has made such a difference in my sons lives. Being a single parent, my sons look up to him where they would have no male figure to rely on for an example. He can always be counted on to have those little talks about respect and the right thing to do, and learning those hard little lessons called life skills. How can I count the thousands of ways your school has made a difference in their lives? For this, I am eternally grateful, and look forward to many more years of watching my sons grow under your guidance.

Kellie, Mother of Sempai Tristan & Korben

Our son, Jesse, has been attending Family Karate for 16 months and we thought it was important for us to tell you what a great job that you and your staff are doing. Sue and I are amazed at the consistently high quality of instruction that Jesse receives. All the Sempais enjoy their jobs and project their enjoyment into the dojo. Jesse has a great time and always looks forward to attending class. While the classes are challenging, and the students are expected to work hard, they are having fun at the same time. Jesse has quickly learned a variety of new karate skills, but he has also developed a number of life skills that go far beyond the karate. We find him to be far more confident, coordinated and focused on completing tasks quickly and with high quality. Like all parents, we take great pride in watching the development of our children as individuals, and we clearly recognize the role that Family Karate is having in Jesse’s life. Beyond the instruction in the dojo, we have always been impressed by the professionalism and caring that Family Karate represents. You truly care about the welfare of your students and their families. It is always a pleasure to come to Family Karate. Thanks so much for everything.

Paul & Sue, Parents of Jesse

On Monday, February 8th, 2004, my daughter’s life took a turn in the most positive manner possible when she entered the doors of Family Karate. The friendly, fun atmosphere she entered put a smile on her face that hasn’t come off since. The helpful staff and knowledgeable teachers have encouraged her to attend every day since. She is already wearing her outfit (gi) and belt, and has invited her friends to come. I know karate helps teach respect, discipline and confidence. I didn’t expect it to happen so quickly. Thank you Family Karate. Looking forward to a long relationship.

Tom, Father of Sarah




Karate has been a positive influence in both mine, and my daughter’s lives. Children are not the only ones who benefit from the confidence building exercise and increased physical fitness, as I discovered when I joined with my six year old. I would strongly recommend to any parent to stop sitting on the sidelines and join in the fun. You will be amazed at the difference it makes, and how it can bring your family even closer.

Lisa, Mother of Emma

John Marshall and Family Karate have done numerous open house displays for the community. Local Police and Fire Departments attend and set up displays. Child Find (child finger printing) is always in attendance. The main theme to these events is street proofing for the kids. They are invited to participate and they walk away with skills that they can use to protect themselves. Family Karate does this because they care about the kids well being.

Robert Walker, Constable - Ontario Provincial Police



As Physical Education Director for the Weldon Park Academy, I included John Marshall and Family Karate’s Life Skills through Karate program in our Physical Educaion program, teaching martial arts and self defense to grades one through eight twice per week. John and his instructors demonstrated professionalism, extensive knowledge of the martial arts and exceptional teaching abilities.

Kim Kimbark, Former Director - Weldon Park Academy



Lamentations of a working MOM - I was late getting out of work again! A mad dash across town to pick up my son at day care - then on to our home to meet my other two sons - a hurried change into karate uniforms - rush rush rush! My job is still very much reverberating in my head, but the guilty working mother comes through for a second to spur me to ask “How was your day at school?”, as we travel across town in heavy traffic. The boys don’t want to talk - they have been cooped up in school for seven hours - they want to burn all that pent up energy! We arrive at Family Karate Centres just in time for class and I flop down on the bench.

As I start to come down from my busy day, I marvel at the expertise and patience of the staff. They know these kids SO well. But it is not just their expertise and patience that impresses me so much - the Family Karate staff REALLY care about each and every student - and it’s not phony - kids would see through false caring attitudes in seconds. I watch as my sons get individual attention, learn to focus, improve their gross motor skills, burn all that pent up energy, and have great fun - this, while I, as a working mother, can take time to re-group, re-coup, and re-establish my priorities. I drive home calmly and slowly. This time I ask sincerely “How was your day?” This time the kids are ready to talk, and I am ready to listen. Thank you FAMILY Karate Centres - for being so much a part of OUR family.

Rev. Maeve, Mother of Mark & Luke